2018年 吉田寮 春季入寮募集宣言

( Manifesto of Yoshida dormitory’s recruits 2018 spr. : Check QRcode below /2018年 吉田寮 春季入住者招募宣言)




Last december, Kyoto University published “The Basic Policy of safety of Yoshida-dorm”. In this policy, Kyoto University prohibits the dorm from accepting new students, effective as of January 2018.



However, we, Yoshida-dorm committee, will not follow this policy. Yoshida-dorm has been a welfare facility as well as a safety net, securing basic human rights of students. This has been achieved through sovereignty and autonomy of dorm independence from Kyoto University. In order to keep it that way, we believe it is necessary to continue exercising our rights. We will be accepting new dorm applications for spring 2018.



Yoshida-dorm is a walfare facility in Koyoto University for people who need to go to kyoto University.Yoshida-dorm has been expanding in eligibility qualifications independently from the University over the course of 30 years, and now, anyone can apply, regardless of student status, sex, or nationality.



If Yoshida-dorm stop accepting new dorm applications, will Kyoto University financial and housing support be alternatives for Yoshida-dorm?



――The answer is No. Kyoto University finantial supports has many problems.



――The answer is No. There is no other dorm that is affordable and that can be enrolled relatively easily by foreign students



――The answer is No. You can live for only one year in other dorms maneged by Kyoto university.



Yoshida-dorm has been a welfare facility as well as a safety net, securing basic human rights of students.And we think that we would like to continue as it is in the future. With constant efforts, and autonomy as well as self management at its foundation, welfare facilities can survive.



Yoshida-dorm cherishes the importance of forming consensus by talking with the parties in considering things.So,we think Yoshida-dorm Should not stop accepting new applications and that We should explain the current situation seriously to the applicants. We will never force out people who ask for this place suddenly one day or stop discussing. “Window” is always open.



We have been thinking and making progress in finding a solution for the deterioration through discussion with the university for 40 years. So, We insist on self-governing of Yoshida-dorm as before and seek handling of solution for deterioration by discussion between parties and Kyoto university. Now,Kyoto University misunderstands the current situation by mistaking discussion in the past and Interfere with the progress. Therefore, We are protesting against Kyoto University because they have forced us to stop accepting applications one-sidedly without discussion.



We will be accepting new dorm applications for spring 2018. We welcome your application.